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Informed access

Embark on a new era of conscientious trade secret management. Our Smart NDA feature redefines user access by ensuring that every individual is well-informed and explicitly consents to their obligations before laying eyes on valuable intellectual property. Welcome to a realm where transparency, compliance, and security converge seamlessly.

Obligation preview

Before accessing any trade secret asset, users are presented with a clear and concise overview of their obligations regarding the information. This pre-emptive measure ensures that individuals understand the gravity of handling sensitive data, fostering a culture of responsibility and awareness within your organisation.


Immutable consent records

Witness a paradigm shift in consent management. Our feature records each user's explicit agreement to their obligations, storing an immutable record on the blockchain. The user's name, date of consent, and the specific obligations agreed upon are securely captured, providing an irrefutable and transparent history of compliance.

Enhanced accountability

With a comprehensive record of user consent, bolster accountability across your organisation. Ensure that every individual interacting with trade secrets has consciously accepted their responsibilities, reducing the risk of inadvertent mishandling. Enhance your security posture with a tool that empowers you to hold users to their commitments.


Compliance assurance

Navigate the complex landscape of data regulations with confidence. Our feature not only promotes a culture of responsibility but also provides tangible evidence of compliance. Prove that users were well-informed and willingly accepted their obligations, mitigating legal risks and fortifying your commitment to data integrity.

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