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Welcome to the future of trade secret management

Effortlessly manage and protect your most valuable assets. Harness the unrivalled security of our blockchain technology and maximise your competitive edge.

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What can you do with Peerdweb?
Make all aware of their obligations

Our Smart NDAs feature allows all individuals viewing an asset to be made aware of their obligations in regard to the asset, and will record an immutable, time-bound record of their agreement to those obligations, which can be found in minutes.

Prove who's seen what, and when

More than 85% of trade secret cases brought before the US courts involve an internal threat from employees and third parties. Our Smart Access feature records an immutable audit trail showing everyone who has viewed your trade secret, and when, should you ever need it.

Securely manage your trade secrets

Up to 90% of a company's value is now held in intangible assets. Organise, link, label and tag your trade secret assets for easy filing, lookup, reporting and management.

Prove existence and ownership

Each time a file is verified on the platform, an immutable record of existence is recorded on the blockchain, meaning you can verify the existence and ownership of any file without disclosing the contents, at any time.

We do this without ever seeing, or handling, your assets

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Our partners

Need help getting your trade secret assets in order? Evalueserve adopt a strategic advisory role in conducting trade secret audits, tailored to align with your business objectives. Their services extend beyond initial audits to include ongoing strategic counselling, competitive intelligence, licensing strategies, and IP valuation.

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Suitable for individuals and enterprises with a small IP portfolio.

  • Secure up to 5 assets for free

  • Single user licence

  • Assets verified on the blockchain

  • Unlimited asset validations

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Suitable for large organisations looking to protect multiple assets across teams.

  • Everything in Basic plan, plus:

  • Multiple user licences

  • Integration to client secure storage

  • Smart Access

  • Smart NDAs

  • Reporting dashboards

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Explore plan features in more detail

Ownership and validation
Register assets5Custom
Blockchain-backed time certificates5Custom
Validate assetsUnlimitedUnlimited
Asset storageFiles are encrypted and zipped back to the userFiles are encrypted and transferred to client secure storage
User access features
Smart Access What is this?NoYes
Smart NDAs What is this?NoYes
Account and asset management
User Licenses1Custom
Custom labels and taggingNoYes
Reporting dashboardNoYes
Support levelBasicPriority
Onboarding ServiceNoYes

Everything you need to know

Frequently asked questions

Peerdweb stands apart with its blockchain-based platform, specifically designed for trade secret management. Our unique Smart Access and Smart NDA features ensure enhanced security, establishing proof of ownership and protection measures that are unparalleled in the industry. Unlike traditional methods, our solution offers an encrypted, timestamped, and immutable record of your trade secret's lifecycle, all while maintaining strict confidentiality.

Our platform harnesses advanced blockchain technology to secure the entire lifecycle of a trade secret. By creating an encrypted, digital fingerprint on the blockchain, Peerdweb ensures that every interaction with your trade secret is logged in a tamper-proof audit trail. This not only verifies the existence and ownership of your trade secrets but also provides a robust defense against both internal and external threats, without compromising confidentiality.

Absolutely. Peerdweb is designed to offer peace of mind by equipping you with solid evidence of your trade secret's existence, ownership, and the protective measures you've implemented. The immutable record created by our blockchain technology acts as a powerful tool in legal settings, providing irrefutable proof that can be crucial in deterring theft and enforcing trade secret rights in court.

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