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Trade secret management

Welcome to a new era of trade secret management – where organisation, security, and efficiency converge seamlessly. Our product revolutionises the way you safeguard and manage your most valuable assets. Say hello to a future-proof solution that puts you in control.

Organise with precision

Bid farewell to scattered information and disjointed systems. With Peerdweb, you can organise your trade secrets effortlessly in an intuitive, secure, digital registry, giving you a bird's-eye view of your intellectual property landscape. Enjoy the ease of accessibility and gain the upper hand in managing your trade secrets with precision.

Activity Log
Activity Log

Link, label and tag

Connect the dots like never before. Peerdweb allows you to link related trade secrets, label them for quick identification, and tag them for easy categorisation. No more lost connections or missed opportunities. Unleash the potential of your intellectual property portfolio with an intuitive system that empowers you to make informed decisions.

Encryption at its core

In a world where data security is paramount, we prioritise the protection of your trade secrets. Unlike traditional systems that store copies of your files, our feature employs cutting-edge blockchain encryption technology. Your assets remain confidential, with access granted only to those authorised. Experience the next level of security without compromise.

Activity Log
Activity Log

Your files, not ours

With our innovative approach, we never own, see, or handle your original trade secret assets. Through client-side encryption, your files are secured within your browser, ensuring maximum control and ownership. Our system seamlessly verifies the existence and integrity of your trade secrets against the blockchain record, providing unmatched assurance without compromising the security of your sensitive information.

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