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Proof of existence and ownership

Welcome to a new era of unquestionable ownership and validation in the world of trade secret management. Our platform introduces a groundbreaking feature – the ability to prove ownership and existence of every asset by minting them to the blockchain. Empower yourself with the assurance that your intellectual property is not just managed but indisputably yours, verifiable with a simple validation against the blockchain record.

Minting for absolute validation

Our platform takes a giant leap forward by minting your trade secret assets to the blockchain. This innovative process ensures that each asset is uniquely identified, time-stamped, and irrevocably associated with your ownership. Experience the peace of mind that comes with unassailable proof of your intellectual property.


Validation at your fingertips

Verifying the existence of any asset has never been more straightforward. Our platform allows you to effortlessly validate the originality and ownership of each file by cross-referencing it against the blockchain record, in minutes. This user-friendly process empowers you to defend your intellectual property with ease and confidence.

Your files, not ours

With our innovative approach, we never own, see, or handle your original trade secret assets. Through client-side encryption, your files are secured within your browser, ensuring maximum control and ownership. Our system seamlessly verifies the existence and integrity of your trade secrets against the blockchain record, providing unmatched assurance without compromising the security of your sensitive information.


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