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Real time access monitoring

In the realm of trade secret management, transparency is paramount. Introducing our ground breaking feature, Smart Access, that not only safeguards your intellectual property but also provides an immutable audit trail, ensuring accountability and proof of access at every step. Step into the future of security with confidence.

Witness every interaction

Bid farewell to uncertainties. Our Smart Access logs every instance of trade secret access in real-time. Discover who accessed what, and when, with a comprehensive and user-friendly interface. Monitor your intellectual property landscape effortlessly, gaining insights that empower strategic decision-making.

Activity Log
Audit Trail

Immutable audit trail

Trust is earned through transparency. Our feature leverages the power of blockchain to create an unalterable record of every interaction. Your audit trail is securely stored on the blockchain, providing an indisputable timeline of access events. Prove access at any time with confidence, backed by an immutable record.

Prove access when needed

In the face of challenges or legal inquiries, our Smart Access becomes your indisputable ally. Easily demonstrate user access to specific trade secrets, showcasing a detailed history of interactions. Bolster your defence and protect your intellectual property with a tool that stands the test of scrutiny.

Audit Trail
Audit Trail

User accountability, redefined

Hold every user accountable for their actions. With our feature, each access event is tied to a specific user, leaving no room for ambiguity. Foster a culture of responsibility within your organisation, knowing that every interaction is recorded and can be verified with ease.

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